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Founder and 100-day-a-year van traveler

Bjarne started building vans a few years back to enable his nomadic life shooting documentary and adventure films in the mountains. The way to learn van building is to spend time living in them, then building them—over and over. Because he spends about 100 days each year living out of his vans, he knows every trade-off, every best practice, and every important option there is to consider.


He’s also from Sweden, the country of efficiency, so he can’t help but bring his minimalist, functional design to each of his builds.


“Live life as much as you can and as well as possible. Traveling and working from a van has changed my life for the better in so many ways”

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Van builder, carpenter, metal worker

Ben has built vans, cabinets, floors, and much more in the past 8 years, with 5 years before that spent with the US Navy in Sardinia, Italy and Guam replacing watertight doors, elevators, and more. He’s a curious craftsman and a prolific doer.


Ben loves getting creative with reused materials. He’s always looking for finds that give his builds better quality and character, like the $30 old kitchen table he deconstructed, sanded, and refinished into the perfect van interior. He’s the kind of guy who prefers his cool-looking farm boards from actual old farms—not faux-distressed at Home Depot. Ben cares where things come from, so he goes to great lengths to build his vans with materials that mean something.


“I want my client’s new van to feel like the perfect pair of old jeans that fit just right, flex in all the places you need and make you smile ‘cause your ass looks good. I’m an enthusiast for weaving the newest technology and design with local, reclaimed building elements so your home is half creation, half inheritance.”




Sasha’s been an electrician since 2001, doing work that’s a mix of residential and commercial, from home remodels and office spaces to new builds.


Sasha has come to love van building because it’s so different from larger structures—you get to solve problems for small spaces by thinking differently. Plus, you know the work will be appreciated on a very personal level by people living inches away from each well-placed outlet, light, and switch.


“Electrical work in these vans is a challenge that I really enjoy. Doing wiring like this has given me a perspective on what's possible”




Maryn loves outdoor pursuits like climbing, running, and skiing, and she’s also an accomplished artist with an eye for precision and natural beauty. These days she’s focused on working with different types of fabric, making things like cushions, curtains, and other artful fabric executions for van interiors—anything to make each space more homey and comfortable.


"Handcrafted with a needle and thread. I’m stoked to bring the coziness of home to your adventure setup with aesthetic and functional custom-made curtains, insulated window covers, and cushions”